In our call center, we've been able to offload 3,000 appointments per month due to online scheduling.

Tyler Dettmann, Sr. Manager of the Access Center, The Iowa Clinic

About 52% of our patients are scheduling their appointments online at one of our urgent care locations, and that's a huge success.

Amy Linder, Division Operations Director, Benefis Health System

Month over month we have seen double digit growth in the use of the online scheduling application.

Nicholas J. Korchinski, Chief Information Officer, CareMount Medical

We’re able to process scheduling calls more quickly, it used to take us 7 minutes to schedule a new patient appointment, now it's more like 4, and a big part of that is because we are able to more quickly identify which physicians can meet their needs and what availability would make the most sense for the patient.

Jessica Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Heritage Medical Associates

We found that patients who attended follow-up appointments scheduled through MyHealthDirect had a 44% reduction in subsequent visits to Milwaukee emergency departments in the next 6 months.

Greg Stadter, Program Director, Milwaukee Health Care Partnership