Provider Referral Networks

Direct access into the calendars of your preferred providers, making it easier to keep patients in network and track outcomes when making a referral.

Why MyHealthDirect

  • Connect Disparate Providers

    Create a digital network of providers to make finding and booking referrals simple and painless

  • Increase Referral Capture

    Patients stay in your network because they leave the point-of-care with a follow-up appointment already booked

  • Guide Patients to the Right Provider

    Customizable decision support questions enable accurate scheduling for complex scenarios and specialists

  • Reduce the Time it Takes to Schedule

    Guided search helps referral coordinators find the right provider in less time

  • Decrease Wait Times to See Specialists

    Optimize referral patterns to reduce the time between scheduling an appointment and the actual visit

We now have real-time access to information that allows us to change behavior. Our referral coordinators can help ensure more timely access to care for patients.

Sigal Dor, Sr. Director, Nursewise