Provider Call Centers

Guide call center agents to the right provider and enable real-time scheduling to reduce overall call volume and call times.

Why MyHealthDirect

  • Improve the patient experience

    Quick, accurate scheduling helps patient satisfaction soar

  • Guide agents to the right provider

    Customizable decision support questions enable accurate scheduling for complex scenarios and specialists

  • Decrease the time it takes to schedule

    Guided search helps agents find the right provider in less time

  • Reduce volume for agents handling scheduling calls

    When patients self-schedule, there’s no need for a call

  • Protect providers calendars

    Maintain provider control over what appointments they offer to the call center

We've implemented the MyHealthDirect web-based scheduling system to allow us to more efficiently find a provider that can meet patient needs… It used to take us about seven minutes to schedule a new patient appointment, now it's more like four.

Jessica Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Heritage Medical Associates