Provider Call Centers

Guide call center agents to the right provider and enable real-time scheduling to reduce overall call volume and call times.

Why MyHealthDirect

  • Improve the patient experience

    Quick, accurate scheduling helps patient satisfaction soar

  • Guide agents to the right provider

    Customizable decision support questions enable accurate scheduling for complex scenarios and specialists

  • Decrease the time it takes to schedule

    Guided search helps agents find the right provider in less time

  • Reduce volume for agents handling scheduling calls

    When patients self-schedule, there’s no need for a call

  • Protect providers calendars

    Maintain provider control over what appointments they offer to the call center

The physicians that I've talked with so far, find that they have a more efficient and planned day, and it's more relaxing. Their productivity is increased, and, at the same time, they've been able to reduce some of the stresses of their schedule.

Jim Browne, Chief Executive Officer, Heritage Medical Associates