Member Referral Coordination

Referral scheduling platform finds, books, and tracks referral appointments across a disparate provider network, accelerating your plans ability to close gaps in care.

Why MyHealthDirect

  • Improve quality scores

    More bookings and better show rates mean better quality scores

  • Reduce overall medical costs

    When care gaps are closed, ED visits and hospitalizations decrease, which reduces the cost of care

  • Eliminate three-way calls

    Book appointments with providers without having to call them

  • Guide members to the right provider

    Customizable decision support questions enable accurate scheduling for complex scenarios and specialists

  • Reduce the time it takes to schedule

    Guided search helps referral coordinators find the right provider in less time

We now have real-time access to information that allows us to change behavior. Our referral coordinators can help ensure more timely access to care for patients.

Sigal Dor, Sr. Director, Nursewise