Digital Care Coordination for Health Plans

Guided search and scheduling platform to close gaps in care, reduce medical costs, and improve the member experience

Our Proven Outcomes

Increase in
Closed Gaps in Care

in Show Rate

Reduction in
ED/IP Utilization

Member Referral Coordination

Keeping members in your network of preferred providers has never been easier! Book referral appointments instantly, increasing show rates and reducing overall medical costs.

Call Center Search and Schedule

Guiding agents to the right care is easy with our customizable business rules and decision support, which, combined with real-time scheduling, greatly increases operational efficiency in your call center.

Member Outreach Automation

Automate scheduling with our text and IVR outreach tools to close more gaps in care and improve the member experience while reducing call center workload.

Member Self-Scheduling

Giving members the ability to self-schedule appointments is proven to close more gaps in care and improve the member experience


Our team of data scientists work with you to create custom reports and dashboards to uncover advanced insights into network utilization, referral patterns, show rates, and more.


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