Why We White Label

Healthcare organizations that deliver a consistent brand experience see 8% higher revenue and 9% growth in market value over 5 years (2013 Lippincott study).

Branding matters. The total experience a customer has with your brand is more important than any particular service they receive.

In the era of value-based care, healthcare organizations increasingly rely on a wide variety of vendors and partners to fulfill a number of services along the care continuum.

If this is the case, how can providers ensure brand consistency throughout the patient experience?

The answer is to offer a comprehensive suite of services while still maintaining a single brand position. This can be accomplished best through white label solutions.

When third party services are white labeled inside a single brand, organizations can avoid sending patients to platforms beyond their control. Patients will instead trust the credibility of your own brand. Through white labeled offerings, organizations can deliver key services through owned channels and maintain a direct relationship with customers. This is a fundamental principle behind MyHealthDirect – we exist to elevate our customer’s brands. Here are three additional reasons that show the value of white label solutions:

  • At the heart of any branding must be a focus on trust and reputation. The presentation of a trustworthy brand is at the beginning of each user journey.
  • It’s vital that healthcare providers connect directly with their patients and build a strong relationship from the very outset. This way, they can build trust and comfort through their own website without driving traffic externally through a third party platform promoting its own branding and messaging.
  • A company’s brand is essential to its success, and the culmination of external perception through strong branding can create new connections and opportunities for product development.

Ultimately, maintaining a consistent brand experience throughout the patient journey prioritizes customer satisfaction and trust, but most importantly, it differentiates your brand with a powerful competitive advantage.