Why Hands-On Corporate Giving Matters

“To who much is given, much is expected.”

It’s a small statement, but one that has a huge influence on the work we do here at MyHealthDirect, both in—and outside of—the office. It is a statement that has given life to our corporate giving program and is also the inspiration behind our ServeDirect program, which we proudly rolled out to employees in 2014.

ServeDirect is focused on giving back both at the individual and group level.

On the individual level, every employee is given three additional days of paid time off—not counted against vacation or sick time—with the sole purpose of serving the community. The ability to spend a day out of the office to serve for a mission that has personal meaning and intention not only contributes to better workplace moral but improves employee retention.

Our company also hosts a monthly outing for employees to give back as a team, often to serve lunch at the Nashville Women’s Rescue Mission. In addition, we come together as a group once a year in December for our “Adopt a family” initiative, where employees break out into groups to shop and wrap gifts for a family in need each holiday season. Coming together as a group to serve has brought colleagues together in new ways. Employees from separate departments that typically wouldn’t cross paths through their daily responsibilities now have the opportunity to meet and bond with one another in a unique setting.

An important part of corporate giving is connected to what we as an organization can also do for others. As a company, MyHealthDirect is dedicated to helping individuals gain quick and easy access to the care they need. How do we connect our company’s mission with our desire to serve? Our partnership with Bread of Healing, a free clinic for Milwaukee’s homeless and underserved population, is a perfect example.

By providing our patient scheduling technology to Bread of Healing, free of charge, we’ve helped them book more than 5,000 primary care appointments for Milwaukee’s vulnerable population. With this partnership we’re able to capitalize on our mission as a company (improving access to care for Milwaukee residents) while also enabling Bread of Healing to better serve its own community.

It is all too easy for employees to get lost in the day-to-day grind and responsibility of the workplace, and for a company to just focus on the dollars and cents. A strong corporate giving program fosters a certain, and necessary balance—whether it be work-life balance, or even a sense of perspective. Companies that make corporate giving a priority, promoting hands-on ways to participate in charitable action, are sure to see a positive change in employee productivity and overall morale.