What We’re Reading: February Edition

The month of February may be short by a few days, but that doesn’t mean the healthcare industry is taking a break. The last 28 days have been home to healthcare technology’s biggest event of the year, a Senate Finance Committee on drug prices, and two long-anticipated rules from CMS on interoperability. Here are some stories that stick out to us from this past month:

CMS Proposes Interoperability Rules to Increase EHR Access

In a great kickoff for HIMSS, CMS released two proposed rules that require several insurers to provide electronic health data in a standard format by 2020. The rules propose that healthcare providers and insurers implement open data-sharing technology to ensure data can move from one plan to another. The proposals also aim to make public the names of providers that continue to block patient information, as a measure to prevent them from doing so.

Younger Patients More Dissatisfied with Traditional Healthcare

A new Accenture survey finds that younger consumers are more dissatisfied than older individuals with many characteristics of traditional healthcare. This dissatisfaction is not only changing the way millennials access healthcare but is also influencing how they choose a healthcare provider. In fact, younger consumers are much more likely to choose providers with digital capabilities, such as online appointment scheduling.

Our website is always up to date with our most recent company news and thought leadership, but below is a snapshot of where we’ve been this month: