What if You Could Improve Completion Rates by 5x?

As more emphasis is placed on preventative care, health plans are deploying population health tactics to better serve their members. Call centers remain a steady player in these new strategic approaches, but plenty of areas are open for improvement.

As we discussed previously, population health call centers are challenged by time-consuming 3-way calls to find appointments for patients. This is an unnecessary burden that often frustrates patients and even exposes them to gaps in care.

Providing agents with the ability to schedule directly into referral providers’ systems results in a 400% increase in staff efficiency, but how does it help patients get the care they need?

For one, patients are being served quickly and easily by call center staff without tedious 3-way calls. When you implement an enterprise online scheduling system there are a host of other benefits, including:

  • Outreach email campaigns to member populations can be enabled with a Schedule Now button that allows patients to self-schedule
  • Automated reminders via email, text or phone, keep patients engaged and make sure they remember their appointment

The result is a 5x improvement in completion rates. Not only are staff members made more efficient but patients are much more likely to show up for their appointments. To learn more about the impact of our online scheduling and referral management solution, read our free guide, Redefining Patient Access.