What if You Could Gain 400% Efficiencies for Population Health Efforts?

Population health call centers use outreach campaigns to contact patients about getting the care they need. It is an important effort to encourage wellness and adherence to care plans. To do this, agents use a combination of phone, email and text messaging to reach patients. But, in most cases, the actual scheduling of the appointment requires the call-center to make a call to the patient.

Often, the patient must remain on hold while a 3-way call is initiated, or is told to call a different number during business hours. This places unnecessary burden on the patient and as a result, prolongs the gap in care.

How can this be prevented?

If agents have the ability to schedule directly into referral providers’ systems, 20 minute calls can be cut to 5 minutes.

This reduction in time has a huge impact on staff efficiency. From our experience we have seen 400% increases in the efficiency of call-center staff after implementing online scheduling into their workflow. This efficiency can be translated into either reducing the number of staff to handle the same population or enabling the call center to cover many more patients than they previously could. Patients will no longer have to make additional calls or labor through 3-way calls to get the right appointment, which significantly improves their satisfaction.

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