What if You Could Add 3 New Patients Every Month?

You can get most things you need online. Not just simple purchases like shoes, books or food, but booking flights, hotels and other complex transactions are things that we now take for granted.

Even hailing a taxi from your phone is normal for many consumers. It seems like almost everything is available online. Everything, that is, except scheduling a doctor visit.

As Millennials become the largest (and most tech savvy) group in the US population, the ability to self-schedule appointments is quickly becoming more than a nice-to-have. But how important is it? Can it drive new patient volume?

From our experience with some of the largest health systems and payers in the US, we have seen that it can. Here’s how:

It creates a new channel. New patients can be captured that otherwise would have booked elsewhere. Enabling online appointment scheduling is more than simply adding a new access point. It appeals to a younger, commercially insured demographic who often self-schedule outside of practice hours.

It consolidates your existing inventory. By integrating all open calendar appointments into a single view, physician capacity can be optimized with surprising results. Many practices think they are at capacity and yet, only 70% of appointments are completed.

If the downstream value of a patient to a health system ranges between $1100 and $1500, adding 3 new patients per provider per month makes an immediate impact to the bottom line.

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