What Does Digital Care Coordination Mean for Health Plans? (Video)

Health plans today face a variety of obstacles and challenges, including the ability to connect with providers, close gaps in care, offer self-service options to members, and promote behavior change. Instead of tackling each challenge one by one, why not address them all at once? With digital care coordination, this is now possible for health plans. Watch our video below to see how:

A digital care coordination platform does more than just schedule appointments. The flexibility to handle member self-scheduling and referral coordination along with robust analytics provide a means to enhance operations in a number of ways, such as:

  • Improve quality scores with better, more timely, access to care and the ability to target HEDIS measures.
  • Close more gaps in care by allowing patients to close gaps on their own with self-scheduling and automated outreach, or by enabling call center agents with the ability to book appointments for members without having to call providers.
  • Guide members to the right care for accurate bookings with appropriate providers.
  • Improve provider relations with analytics and reporting that keep you aligned.
  • Automate outreach by sending automated campaigns to members via IVR and text that include the ability to schedule during the outreach experience.
  • Accelerate call center efficiency by simplifying the process for agents to find the right care for members and removing three-way calls.
  • Increase show rates by giving members appointments that fit their needs and schedules.
  • Improve member experience by making access easy.

With a digitally connected network, scheduling activities can be streamlined across an entire organization. This not only ensures the right provider match to meet members’ care needs, but also improves visibility into patient flow within your network—an insight that is key for improving relations with your provider network and keeping costs down.

Download our guide on digital care coordination for health plans to learn more.