The Top Priorities for Health Plans in 2017

Quality, cost management, and the consumer experience.

The top priorities for health plans have never been clearer.

As a result, the urgency to close gaps in care is more important than ever. When your plan is connected through a digital network, appointments with healthcare providers on disparate systems is seamless, and offers surprising advantages:

  • Configure and maintain a rules library at the plan, specialty and procedure level.
  • Access all scheduling activity for analysis and insight into referral patterns
  • Ensure high levels of adoption by engaging the community and sign-up providers to participate in your digital network
  • Integrate with any PMS/EHR so appointment inventory is automatically synced

Access to care should not be a frustration to your members or staff. Three-way phone calls and long wait times for specialty referral appointments should not prevent health plans from driving dramatic improvements in cost and quality.

To see how patient access solutions improve quality, costs and the consumer experience for health plans, download our new case study.