The Next Generation in Closing Gaps in Care

What if, instead of 3 way calls, you could close gaps in care with a click?

Network providers need a better way to manage members’ chronic conditions through preventive services that close care gaps with less friction. Here’s how it should work:

  • Schedule risk patients – After you identify patients who need care gaps closed, you need to contact them and schedule an appointment with one click. No extra conference calls or call backs.
  • Generate confirmations – Both you and your patient will get a confirmation email. After you get the email, enter the appointment into your PM system.
  • Issue reminders – Automatic reminders will be sent to your patient prior to their visit to drive better attendance.
  • Document visit results – Analytics are used to generate attendance reports daily, weekly or monthly to track your progress.

It’s one thing to identify risk patients and it’s another to be able to schedule their appointment instantly on first contact. Avoiding lengthy conference calls is a tremendous efficiency gain for providers. The fact that it makes for a delightful experience and improves attendance rates for patients is where the current solutions fall short.

The next generation solution does more than just schedule the appointment immediately at the point of care. It extends across the care continuum — ensuring that gaps in care actually close.

Efforts to improve health outcomes are increasingly integrating population health and patient engagement strategies into a single approach.

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