The Digital Front Door: Key Takeaways from HCIC 2018

The 22nd Annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) took place last week in Scottsdale, Arizona, and we had the pleasure to not only attend, but participate as a speaker alongside our partners from The Iowa Clinic. From conversations with hospital and health system leadership to the question and answer session at our own speaking engagement, we left the event with a very clear lens of how technology is rapidly transforming our industry. Here are our top five key takeaways:

  1. Patient engagement will continue to be facilitated by and through technology. Engagement isn’t just about getting impressions. It’s about actively reaching and enticing the consumer to participate, meeting them where they’re at, and being relevant to their needs. As we presented in our session, for The Iowa Clinic this meant providing patients with a number of things: convenient online self-scheduling on its website, a scheduling experience via its mobile app, and automated appointment confirmations with the ability for patients to add it to their smartphone calendars. 
  1. Easy access produces satisfied consumers. When patients have easy access to care, notably through capabilities such as around-the-clock online self-scheduling, satisfaction and brand loyalty soars. The Iowa Clinic has proven this, not only receiving glowing remarks from its patients on the availability of such a system, but ultimately securing a 97% patient show rate since the scheduling solution went live.
  1. A strong digital front door wins consumers. Brand loyalty is built, and consumers are won, with a strong digital front door. Technology is shaping first impressions and improving how consumers interact with their healthcare partners, whether it be on a review website, when searching online for conditions, attempting to schedule an appointment online, or even when calling in to the provider’s office or call center.
  1. Millennials expect convenience. The evolution of healthcare consumerism is happening right before our eyes. The growing influence of millennials in the marketplace means the bar has been raised for how healthcare service providers digitally interact with consumers. One thing is clear, millennials don’t just want, but expect, convenience. And if your brand can deliver, loyalty follows.
  1. Tech isn’t just for kids! Millennials may be leading the charge of consumer evolution, but in the data we presented, we’ve seen high levels of digital adoption among Gen X and baby boomers. In our work with The Iowa Clinic, 30 percent of patients ages 40-59 booked appointments online, and at 44 percent, nearly half of those individuals did so from their mobile device. Patients ages 20-39 represented 35 percent of those engaging with our digital technology. It’s clear—older populations are just as ready for digital innovation to improve their access to and experience with healthcare.

Interested in learning more about how digital solutions are meeting patient needs, while also improving operational efficiencies for healthcare organizations? Check out our case study with The Iowa Clinic here.