Close Care Gaps with Digital Care Coordination

A leading Medicaid managed care plan was looking for a better way to close gaps in care for its 850,000 members and improve access for their Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) recipients.

The plan turned to MyHealthDirect for digital care coordination, which enabled digital appointment scheduling and automated outreach.

Digital Appointment Scheduling

To start, the health plan implemented digital appointment scheduling within its own call center. This eliminated three-way calls and subsequent transfers to schedule an appointment. MyHealthDirect has digitized the appointment scheduling process, giving call center agents a view of providers’ schedules, allowing them the ability to book an appointment for a member on the spot, in as little time possible.

Automated Outreach

As an added benefit, the health plan introduced automated outreach via voice and text messages, which specifically targeted patients with known care gaps. The campaigns informed patients of their gaps in care and gave them the ability to self-schedule an appointment on the spot via voice or text.

With both of these improvements, the health plan has closed significantly more gaps, improved call center productivity, and found that 38% of bookings occur outside of practice hours.

To learn more about how this Medicaid managed was able to close gaps in care with digital care coordination, download the complete case study.