Success Story: The Iowa Clinic Enables Patient Self-Scheduling with MyHealthDirect

Like many healthcare organizations today, The Iowa Clinic, which is the largest independent, physician-owned multi-specialty group in Central Iowa, was looking for a way to improve access to care for its patients through self-scheduling.

The clinic, which interacts with approximately 170,000 unique patients per year (via approximately 600,000 annual appointments), originally sought out a new partner to improve the ease and convenience of appointment scheduling, in an effort to enhance their patient satisfaction and overall operational efficiency. After implementing MyHealthDirect, patients are now able to schedule their own appointments 24/7 using The Iowa Clinic website.

Our partnership, recently announced via a press release, has garnered positive results, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Today, The Iowa Clinic is seeing 3,000 patient appointments per month via self-scheduling. The growth has been mostly organic as patients were desiring a self-service option. However, appointment volume increased even more when The Iowa Clinic advertised the new capability via social media and TV advertisements. Additionally, the increase in self-scheduling online has resulted in offloading 30 percent of the calls to their call center for appointment bookings.

New patients have praised the convenience of the scheduling solution, and there has since been sizable growth in The Iowa Clinic’s market share in their local area. What’s more, the addition of new providers to their network is bolstered by easy access for new patients, giving them a distinct strategic advantage against competing health systems.

This successful implementation has surprised and delighted clinic staff and demonstrated the importance of providing simple digital solutions to meet patients’ needs.

According to The Iowa Clinic’s chief executive officer C. Edward Brown, MyHealthDirect’s self-scheduling platform “has been a remarkable success story” and “a strategic tool as much as an operational tool.”

To learn more, check out the video below summarizing The Iowa Clinic success story or download the case study.