Success Story: MSK Improves Access to Cancer Care

Navigating the world of accessing and scheduling care can be difficult enough as is, but imagine trying to do so while also coping with a cancer diagnosis or treatment. Wanting to make access to cancer care as easy and seamless as possible for patients, Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK), the world’s largest and oldest private healthcare cancer treatment centers, made the move to online self-scheduling.

Prior to online self-scheduling, MSK did allow patients to request an appointment online, but they wanted to enhance that capability and instead empower patients to directly schedule their visit. MSK opted to implement MyHealthDirect into their scheduling protocol to better serve their patients. Through the incorporation of a few questions via online forms, they are guided to the best provider and appointment slot for their needs.

The convenience of online self-scheduling is two-fold: patients can more easily find the right doctor and appointment for their care concern in a timely manner, and should they need more assistance, patient navigators at MSK can quickly and easily contact patients to better assess their needs and schedule them into the right care.

This approach has led MSK on the path towards greater growth and success. And for patients who are fighting cancer or other illnesses, online self-scheduling powered by MyHealthDirect is helping MSK to offer convenience when patients need it most.

To learn more about our partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering and the latest results experienced to date, download our full case study.