Success Story: CareMount Medical Enables 24/7 Access

CareMount Medical, the largest independent multi-specialty medical group in the U.S., wanted to provide its patients with a more accessible and flexible method to access and schedule healthcare around the clock. With more than 600 physicians across nearly 30 specialties, as well as 8 urgent care centers and a patient base of 660,000 and counting, the process of scheduling an appointment was no doubt overwhelming for both healthcare professionals and patients. That is why CareMount Medical decided to implement online self-scheduling from MyHealthDirect.

With a simple and straightforward approach to scheduling, the new solution opened access up for patients to schedule at any time across all specialties. To ensure the right patient-provider match, providers’ scheduling protocols were automated in the solution, guiding patients to the right provider and appointment time to meet their needs. Now patients have a convenient, accurate way to self-schedule from CareMount Medical’s website, 24/7.

Since implementation, CareMount Medical has reported high rates of patient acquisition and retention, rising patient satisfaction scores, and improved call center efficiencies.

Self-scheduling will become the norm at healthcare facilities throughout the country. It’s imperative that organizations like CareMount Medical take advantage of this helpful tool.

To learn more, download the case study.