Success Story: Benefis Health System Improves Access to Rural Healthcare

Benefis Health System, the largest health system in north central Montana, knew it needed to improve access to rural healthcare in their community by making it easier for its patient base of 164,000 to schedule appointments. Previously, patients were required to call the office during business hours to book an appointment, and depending on the time or day, they would often be placed on hold or had to leave a voicemail and wait for their call to be returned. This not only posed a risk for care delays, but it ultimately took precious time away from patients and fostered a poor experience. It was this poor experience that prompted Benefis to implement online self-scheduling.

Now, with online self-scheduling from MyHealthDirect, patients of Benefis Health System have the opportunity to schedule an appointment online any time of day or night. The solution, powered by decision support and inclusive of providers’ business rules and scheduling protocols, ensures patients are matched with the best fit provider and appointment based on care need. Success with the solution was immediate, and today more than half of Benefis’ patients are scheduling appointments after hours. A recent interview in Healthcare IT News states it best, “the technology is working for the patient and is providing the right experience – one they are used to in other facets of their daily lives.”

To learn more about our work with Benefis Health System download a free copy of our case study.