Self-Service in Healthcare is a Game Changer

When’s the last time you booked a flight without knowing how much it cost?

If you’re like most people your answer is probably, “What?! Are you crazy?!” – In the information age it’s easy to compare options and find the best flight at the lowest cost using online services. For most industries this is the norm; consumers have knowledge prior to purchase about what it includes, how much it costs, and even how it compares to other options. However, when it comes to healthcare, consumers are forced to make uninformed decisions, and the cost is often times closer to that of an all-inclusive cruise around the Caribbean rather than a single flight!

There are many reasons why healthcare innovation is sluggardly, but those are just excuses. We can do better. Patients are ready and waiting for more consumer friendly tools to help them better navigate their healthcare.

One of the key reasons MyHealthDirect exists is because we think providing transparent, efficient, consumer-focused healthcare is important. Patients should know what they’re going to pay before they receive a service and they should be able to compare prices of health services of common procedures across providers. Once they’ve made their comparison, patients should then be able to browse and select the best provider and book an appointment in real time. Technology can enable consumers to appropriately weigh healthcare decisions, while also relieving repetitive administrative burdens from office staff. This is why we’re working with other cutting-edge innovators to offer an improved healthcare experience to patients.

Five benefits of self-service in healthcare:

  • Transparent pricing: Everyone deserves to understand the cost of a service before they receive it.
  • Understanding of insurance eligibility: Patients can confirm that the provider accepts their insurance and whether they’re eligible for the service they’re booking.
  • Comparison to other options available: Key to any competitive marketplace, consumers can see whether a lower-cost provider that accepts their insurance is available – perhaps at an earlier date.
  • Immediate scheduling: Once the patient confirms the service and provider they can instantly confirm a booking online, while providing time saving pre-registration answers online for their provider.
  • Make payment in advance: At booking, the patient knows their portion of fees and can pay online, streamlining check in and out at the provider’s office.
  • End to end efficiency: Once an appointment is booked, patients can register prior to arrival, saving time at the point of care for them as well as staff who no longer must manually enter data.

To learn more about cutting-edge advancements in healthcare access, check out our free guide, Redefining Patient Access.