Self-Scheduling Made Easy for Orthopedic Groups

It’s no surprise that patients today want the ability to schedule appointments online. When you consider all the other products that can be purchased and services that can be ordered and/or reserved online, it’s easy to see why consumers would want the same convenience for their healthcare.

Recognizing this trend, many providers have turned to online self-scheduling as a way to not only meet consumer demand but improve access to care overall. One of the main obstacles to adoption, however, is that the logistics behind the appointment scheduling process can differ greatly from provider to provider, especially when it comes to specialists like orthopedists.

It’s because of this difference that we’ve created an online scheduling solution that can meet the needs of orthopedic groups. Our solution not only automates business rules that allow providers to maintain control over their calendars but offers decision support to guide patients to the right provider, which is vital for scheduling an appointment with an orthopedist.

After asking a series of questions, we then use those answers to find the best fit provider based on a patient’s specific care need or concern. Take, for example, a patient experiencing knee pain. Rather than just point him to a general orthopedic surgeon who may not even specialize in knee-related injuries, the decision support within our solution narrows the selection of orthopedists to match his specific care need.

It’s this seamless and specific matching that allows orthopedic groups to get the most out of a self-scheduling solution and to rest assured that it is generating accurate bookings to truly help their practice.

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To learn more about our business rules, you can download our free guide, Business Rules Empower Online Scheduling.