Redefining Referral Management (free report)

Today, 20 – 40% of referrals never happen. Roughly one third of patients that receive a referral never make it to their appointment.

Behind these dismal rates is a basic fact: people want companies to value their time. Today’s process leaves the burden on patients to book the follow up appointment. For that to change, payers and providers must implement better tools that manage referrals in a way that’s efficient for everyone.

In our latest executive brief, we explore how the traditional referral scenario leads to poor communication between providers, patient/provider mismatches, inconvenient processes and long 30-day lead times for scheduling.

We also share how we’re helping clients achieve the following results:

  • Quality: 5x increase in completion rates
  • Efficiency: 400% gain in efficiency with radically reduced call times
  • Revenue: 25% increase in referral capture rates
  • Show Rates: 20% increase in show rates that happen within 7 days of referral
  • Lead Times: Decreased by 36% with data-driven insights

Access the full copy of our Executive Brief, Convenience Drives Change: The Future of Referral Management: