More Than Online Scheduling (video)

More than ever, healthcare executives are focused on improving quality scores, care coordination and the patient experience. As the shift to value-based care escalates, organizations are looking for solutions that grow marketshare and strengthen access.

But instead of tackling each of these in turn, is it possible to address them with one approach? We have a new video that attempts to answer that question. Watch below.

A data-driven platform for referral management and online scheduling can enable more than the right appointment. The real value is much bigger – an improved patient experience and streamlined care coordination. In other words, it’s a comprehensive platform for patient access:

  • Allowing patients to self-schedule care at their convenience.
  • Gaining market share through new patient acquisition.
  • Reducing unnecessary readmissions.
  • Driving behavior change to optimize capacity and outcomes through predictive analytics.
  • Increasing patient retention and referral completion.
  • Scaling population health efforts.

Think about it: when was the last time you went online and scheduled a doctor’s appointment?

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