Improving Patient Access: Key Takeaways from our Webinar with CareMount Medical

In our recent webinar, How to Improve Patient Access with 24/7 Connectivity, Nicholas Korchinski, chief information officer at CareMount Medical, and Jason Kressel, chief operations officer at MyHealthDirect, discussed CareMount Medical’s journey in implementing and leveraging digital engagement strategies, including online self-scheduling. During this webinar, they shared how online self-scheduling acted as the cornerstone for their 24/7 access to care strategy, helping to more quickly and effectively connect patients to the best match provider and appointment slot based on their care needs.

Missed the webinar? Here are a few key takeaways from the discussion:

Not all online self-scheduling is created equal: To truly improve patient access, CareMount knew it couldn’t hide appointment scheduling behind its patient portal. The additional steps of logging in to a portal just to schedule would only be a hinderance to patients. The capability had to live outside of the portal, open and available to anyone at any time. Nicholas also explores how the self-scheduling solution had to be able to scale outside of just primary care and into various specialties. This required a sophisticated level of decision support—a question and answer process that would gather enough detail to match patients with the best provider and appointment based on their unique care needs.

Getting providers on board is key: Critical to installing a tool like online self-scheduling is a clear idea of organizational needs, effective change management, and a plan for provider buy-in. It’s a big change for people who have done business the same way for a long time. How will the technology impact the people and culture of a practice? How will it impact patient scheduling and the efficiencies that have been built into the practice? These are all questions CareMount took to heart during the implementation process, helping to get not only primary care on board but 17 specialties as well.

To hear more insights from both Nicholas and Jason, view the full webinar recording here.

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