How Can Online Scheduling Reduce Cost?

The IHI Triple Aim is a framework that attempts to optimize three broad categories of health system performance. The goal is to simultaneously pursue improvements in each of these places:

  • Patient experience
  • Population health
  • Per capita cost of health care

We have recently looked at how online appointment scheduling improves the patient experience and also how it elevates population health efforts. But how can it reduce the per capita cost of health care?

Considering that the United States healthcare system is the most expensive in the world (IHI), and one of the worst (see the Commonwealth Fund), the implications are enormous.

We have argued that online scheduling can help clinically integrated networks (CINs) by preventing outward migration (thus, keeping patients in network), but there are two other places that cost can dramatically be reduced. Here they are:

  • When you experience improved staff efficiency (as much as 400%), agents are more productive or you can operate with less staff altogether. With optimized workflows, headcount reductions can have a dramatic impact.
  • If you are at risk, reduced lead times can mean the difference between a $200 cardiologist screening vs. a $2000 ED visit. Better care coordination means patients get the care they need, before its too late.

To learn more about how online scheduling can reduce costs, download a copy of our free report, Convenience Drives Change.