How Can Online Appointment Scheduling Elevate Population Health Efforts?

Traditional care management relies on people. People who are typically involved in a routine of time-intensive tasks. Often, these are repetitive but require high-level involvement from a live operator.

Consider the standard model where care managers call patients to connect on care plans and needs, and then must perform multiple steps to coordinate the follow up referral appointment.

What if you could notify patients electronically with the ability to schedule the follow up online, from anywhere? What if patients could close their gap in care with a click? Could online appointment scheduling simplify population health efforts while also making it more effective?

Providing care teams with access to real time appointment inventory eliminates the current 3-way telephone tag and ensures that patients receive a seamless experience. With this type of efficiency, outreach efforts can truly scale. The road block has always been that call-centers do not have access to disparate systems for scheduling patients. Intelligent automation is required – an approach that enables contacted patients to schedule themselves and empowers call-center staff to book appointments without additional phone calls.

Consider another example: patients receive reminders for appointments everyday from their providers. But the common options are to confirm or cancel. What if a third option were available to reschedule? If automation can handle even a fraction of these daily reschedules, staff can be redeployed and better utilized to achieve an organization’s larger population health objective.

Outdated communication methods do not scale. A platform that enables patients and call-centers to better schedule and manage that care does. To learn more, read our free report, How Health Plans are Boosting Completion Rates, Patient Satisfaction and Business Efficiency.