Success Story: HMA Improves Access in the Call Center

As one of the largest independent multi-specialty healthcare groups in Middle Tennessee, Heritage Medical Associates (HMA) houses 14 locations with more than 150 physicians across 10 specialties. Given its size and reach, HMA wanted to ensure its patients had the best possible access to care. To accomplish this, they partnered with MyHealthDirect to implement digital scheduling to improve access in the call center, allowing agents to quickly and easily place patients with the best possible provider across any location.

Prior to MyHealthDirect, HMA did not have an effective call center scheduling protocol in place. Due to undefined, manual processes, a single scheduling call could take several minutes, allowing call center staff to only schedule, on average, three to five patients per day. The lack of access in the call center was unfortunately preventing patients from accessing care in a timely manner.

With a direct integration into HMA’s Allscripts practice management system, MyHealthDirect now provides call center agents with access to the calendars of the entire organization’s 150+ providers across Middle Tennessee, giving them real-time visibility into appointment availability. Taking into account the patient’s location, care needs, and urgency for an appointment, agents can readily identify the best possible provider and appointment slot for a patient and book on the spot.

Successes since implementing MyHealthDirect include improved call center efficiency, enhanced visitor satisfaction, and improvements to HMA’s bottom line.

To learn more about our partnership with HMA and the latest results experienced to date, download the full case study.