Helping Patients Stay Healthy Requires Intelligent Scheduling

It’s no secret that technology has been changing the face of our healthcare system in more ways than one. As our system reshapes to meet the demands of consumer convenience, digital self-scheduling for care continues to spike. A study from Accenture predicts that by the end of 2019, 66% of US health systems will offer digital self-scheduling and 64% of patients will book their care online.

The sheer numbers of our technology’s reach, which provides access to care for more than 300 million consumers and generates millions of engagements each month, illustrates the success of consumer driven health-tech solutions. As more patients leverage the benefits of technology to easily connect with care, it’s critical they are matched with the right provider with the right expertise and availability.

Decision support technology provides intelligent scheduling to not just expose capacity but also ensure the best match is made to connect the right patient with the right provider at the right time. Our technology translates this complex process into a simple digital experience for the consumer, guiding them through a Q&A to intelligently assess and connect them with care options that are both convenient and best-suited to their healthcare needs.

If technology is to continue improving the consumer experience in healthcare, the digital relationship between patient and provider needs to begin right. An optimized patient experience isn’t just about matching demand to capacity – it’s about providing the right support to help patients determine, locate and confirm the care they need most.