Guiding Patients to the Right Care

As consumerism and value based initiatives continue to change the landscape of healthcare, access to care has become a key part of the new paradigm. However, opening access without a specific strategy or without the proper protections in place often creates more challenges than it solves.

What patients really need is access to the right care.

This means the goals of the provider organization must be aligned with their resources in an intentional way. Whether it’s a patient self-scheduling, a care coordinator scheduling a referral, or a call center agent helping a patient find a provider, care delivery must be mapped to the patient’s needs. In our experience, we’ve learned this doesn’t happen by chance. Instead it takes a concerted, strategic effort, complemented with smart technology, to bring the pieces together to provide a navigable care network.

That said, the old adage comes to mind, “easier said than done”. This is where we come in. MyHealthDirect works with our customers to digitally empower care networks to meet patients’ needs. In turn, this fulfills their goals to provide quality care across the healthcare continuum, while also reducing costs and improving efficiency.

How We Do It: Guided Search
Imagine a call center mired in inefficiency because calls are taking too long. The agents are struggling to make the right care connections for the patients because they are trying to find the right provider with a clunky questionnaire or flipping through a physical binder. There is a better way.

  1. Automate pathways and rules in a digital platform that guide agents to the right provider as patients answer questions
  2. Empower agents to know which providers are the best value/quality
  3. Enable agents to schedule directly into provider calendars

By designing a search structure customized to your care delivery network, the likelihood of proper provider-patient matching is greatly increased. This means improved patient satisfaction and better health outcomes. Additionally, the back-end benefits for the healthcare organization are numerous. Call centers can be more effective because connecting patients to the right providers can be accomplished more quickly, network capacity is optimized, and profitability is increased as patients are directed to the best quality/value providers.

These results are achievable, but only for health networks that choose a digital care coordination platform to help guide patients to the right care.

To learn more about how our digital care coordination solution is guiding patients to the right care for call centers, download our guide, Accelerate Your Call Center.