Consumers Don’t Want a Revolution

Strategy+Business has published a survey with some counterintuitive findings. The industry has shifted dramatically toward consumers in recent years, but here is what the survey found:

Consumers aren’t ready for a revolution. They have far simpler demands and desires, such as an easier way to schedule doctor visits or the ability to get follow-up notifications on a mobile phone. As a result, insurers that want to make the most of their investments in new technologies should focus their resources on developing simple digital products and services that align with their identities, strategic goals, and existing capabilities.


In expressing their preference for user-friendly interfaces and convenience, consumers are drawing on their experience with technology in such industries as banking and retail. These industries have deployed digital technology to eliminate much of the friction of everyday transactions. With a few swipes and keystrokes, consumers can book haircut appointments online; compare airfares; and read and share user reviews of restaurants, hotels, and plumbers. Even more complex tasks — doing taxes, trading stocks, or filing insurance claims — can now be performed on a smartphone. The yawning convenience gap between the user experience in other industries and the user experience in healthcare has led consumers to seek greater technological assistance from their health insurers.

Read the full report to learn the top 15 features that consumers want from their health plans.