Close Gaps in Care with Facility-Based Scheduling

Ironically, for many people access to healthcare is “a pain in the neck.” Let’s face it, three-way calls are bad for business. No one likes to wait on hold, especially when nearly any other service or need can be met without this annoying process. This is bad enough, but add the awkwardness of speaking about private matters (e.g. mammograms or colonoscopies) and doing nothing becomes an attractive option.

Instead of getting the care they need, people are avoiding the healthcare system altogether. This leads to dangerous gaps in care, which result in significant health risks and ED visits that could have been avoided.

Thankfully, the solution is straightforward: online scheduling. There are a whole host of benefits and uses for online scheduling but here, specifically, we’re looking at enabling facility-based scheduling resources such as mammograms, bone density scans, colonoscopies, etc. Quicker, easier, more efficient access to these types of preventive screenings ensures better health outcomes, more gaps in care closed and higher patient satisfaction.

Saving a Life
Take, for example, a woman who knows she should get a mammogram but keeps putting it off because she doesn’t want to have to deal with “the healthcare system”. Three way calls, being put on hold, and having to tell a complete stranger about a private issue are just a few of the activities she’d rather avoid. And who can blame her?

One day she’s watching television and sees an ad that she can simply self-schedule a mammogram online at her convenience.  She pulls out her phone or laptop, does it right there on her couch, and is done by the next commercial break. Next day she goes in for the appointment and a small tumor is detected. A lumpectomy is performed, her diet is adjusted, and she lives cancer free for years to come. This type of preventative care can save lives by making closing gaps in care easy.

The core focus here is to engage patients where they are, rather than passively wait for them to jump through hoops to get the care they need. Doing this is not as simple as offering up appointments online. Business rules and decision support technology must be baked into the solution to ensure the right match for the patient. Many EHR’s can’t do this.

To learn more about how facility-based scheduling, and how online scheduling can be implemented with business rules, download our free guide, Business Rules Empower Online Scheduling.