Booking Referrals Shouldn’t Be A Headache

Last week we looked at how the referral process affects consumers. Much of the burden is left to the patient — which typically entails a process with multiple steps just to get a single appointment booked.

Today we’re flipping the equation to look at the other side of the referral process.

How does the process work for a Case Manager, in charge of assigning referral appointments between multiple parties?  It can be a cumbersome job – navigating 3-way telephone calls and waiting on hold are not an efficient use of anyone’s time. Most of the day is spent trying to wrangle multiple calendars for a slot that works for everyone.

How can the process be streamlined?

Instead of a trail of paperwork between the referring provider, patient and potential specialist, the solution must schedule directly into the specialist’s system. This is the ideal solution because several steps in the process are eliminated altogether.

Not only is it possible to improve patient completion rates, but staff efficiency increases drastically as well. And everyone feels better when they work efficiently. In fact, with a platform built around referral management, call time spent on the phone per appointment is reduced from 20 minutes to 5. That is a 400% efficiency gain.

In the end, what’s best for the patient is also best for the provider. Creating a unified approach makes everyone’s life easier, saves precious minutes, conserves sanity, ensures business productivity and boosts patient satisfaction.

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