Accelerating Member Outreach: A Medicaid Managed Care Plan’s Story

Medicaid Managed Care plans recognize the value of building trusting relationships with their members, as an engaged population is more likely to follow care plans and therefore have fewer gaps in care. Unfortunately, scheduling appointments for members can be difficult for these plans, especially when there are hundreds of thousands of members to contact. The process often manifests in a three-way call between the health plan, provider, and member, which is confusing, inconvenient, and inefficient for everyone involved. And with such a process, it is clear why accelerating member outreach would be at the top of any health plan’s wishlist.

One of our Medicaid Managed Care plan customers knows this challenge all too well. With more than 500,000 members, the health plan desperately needed a way to accelerate the appointment scheduling process and make access to care easier. To do so, the plan partnered with us to enable its member outreach team to schedule appointments digitally, without having to call provider offices.

Since accelerating member outreach, the plan has seen a number of successes, including improved access, decreased call times, growth in show rates, and an improved relationship with its provider partners. In fact, scheduling rates have increased from 25% to 60%—a 140% increase.

Interested in learning more? Download our case study exploring how this Medicaid Managed Care plan accelerated member outreach with digital care coordination.