A Smarter Referral Process

If you have ever been referred by your physician, you know that the scheduling of the referral happens later. And that is a big problem.

In fact, over one third of patients receive a referral but 20% never follow through to schedule a visit. And of the referrals that are completed – a host of other challenges often result. Sometimes it’s just a disconnect of information between the two providers but can be an incorrect provider altogether. What this means is that the final outcome is poor for everyone involved; patient, referrer, and target provider all suffer.

The shift to value based care is accelerating. As a result, providers share increasing responsibility for their patients following through on referrals. So why is today’s referral process still complicated, confusing and ineffective? What needs to change? We see three things:

  1. A procedure that combines identification of the target provider, authorizations and a scheduled appointment all confirmed in unison. Simply giving the patient an appointment confirmation results in a 25% increase in referral capture. Tracking and engaging no show patients drives that figure up even higher. Together, this can transform the experience into one that is easy for patients, payers and provider.
  1. A comprehensive platform for referrals, providers and payers that can provide a 360-degree view of the referral activity while also enabling intervention as deviations occur. Quality improves with the real time sharing of relevant information.
  1. Simplified workflows and increased transparency that creates a better experience for all parties and helps them reduce efforts while becoming more efficient.

Without a unified approach like this, it will be difficult to provide a solution that coordinates the referrals, simplifies the scheduling process and ultimately, provides better care.