3-Way Calls Hurt Patient Access

If you are scheduling appointments with 3-way calls, you are doing it wrong.

You are wasting time and losing money.

It is a poor use of the scheduler’s time – a tedious task that takes on average over 8 minutes which is longer than the cable (5.4 min) and banking (3.7 min) industries take for similar calls.

Almost half the time, the call does not even result in an appointment.

The patient suffers the most – 30% of the call is spent on unproductive time, waiting for the call to go through (Accenture 2013).

In the end, 3-way calls hurt everybody. More than patient experience is at stake – significant revenue is at risk when your ability to close gaps in care is dependent on 3-way calls.

Getting rid of 3-way calls should be a priority for anyone who wants to improve patient access.  And it just so happens that it eliminates inefficient workflows for staff and cuts costs for organizations at the same time.